The title of this post pretty much explains what it will be about, but not the whole story. I know different people have different reasons for why they pound out stories, but I figured I would tell you mine.

Without getting into too much of my past, I’ll just say that its been bumpy. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in teaching. Long story short, I’m not teaching.

I have always wanted to try to write a book, but I figured that I wouldn’t be successful even if I tried. How could I, a boy from South Carolina, put something down that people would want to read?

Then I decided, I don’t care if you want to read it or not. No offense, but the stories in my head are mine. If you like them, then I will be overjoyed. In other words, I’m not counting on monetary success. Success for me is finishing a story. If you don’t like the stories, then at least I was able to get them from my head and onto the screen.

The thing is, I become attached to the people I write about. I didn’t know that would happen, but it did. As I finish my first book, I feel like I’ve built actual people. In fact, changing the littlest thing about them makes me feel like I am destroying a part of them. To me, that is success. It sounds strange, I know. But if I have created something that matters that much to me emotionally, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

This is all a new experiment for me. I will have the first book, Journey of the Kings, out on Amazon within a month or so. It will be the first of a few in the series. If it works, great! If I sell a thousand copies, I will throw a party (on the whole hundred dollars it makes me). If it sells one or two, then I’ll thank my mom and dad for giving the book a shot. Then I’ll write the next part anyway.