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For reference to what I am talking about, see this and many other stories about Orson Scott Card by Google search.

I’ve been kicking this controversy around in my head for a while now, but I still don’t know where I stand on it. Here’s where I am as of right now.

You see, I’m a recent Ender’s Game fan. I was browsing through the internet (aka – my life) a few months back and saw that Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield were playing in a new movie. So, I checked it out and saw that the movie would be based on the books Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow. So, I went to the store and bought every book in the series. Why did I buy every book? Because, I’m obsessive like that. I knew that if I liked the first one, I would have to have the rest. So I took care of it all at once.

Ya know what? I loved them. When I read Ender’s Game, I felt so attached to the characters that I knew I had to read more. And more. I’ve read them all now.

It wasn’t until I finished the first book that I looked into the author, Orson Scott Card. Come to find out, there is a ton of controversy surrounding him. Turns out, he pretty scared of homosexuals. He has been pretty outspoken about homosexual rights throughout the years, as any quick Google search will tell you. He is also a Mormon, which is where I believe his views come from (not that all Mormons feel the same about homosexuality, but most do). He is very outspoken about his opposition to gay marriage, which many others are as well. I’m not just picking on him.

Now, many people are saying that they will not be going to see the movie when it comes out on November 1st. I however, will be there on opening day. Why? Because I can separate the art from the artist.

Many people will say that I must support his views. I definitely do not. In fact, I find them wrong and way out of place for the time. I am a Christian and I do not believe Jesus would condone soooo many of the things we do nowadays, including how we treat gay rights. I do not, however, believe that boycotting his work will change his views. It will likely harden them. It will further entrench the two sides of the debate. Honestly, some people’s views are just not going to change on this subject. Guess what – I’m okay with that as long as no violence comes of it.

Furthermore, if the argument of not seeing or reading his stuff is made simply because people disagree with certain views, then we would have a problem. Simply apply that logic to other areas. Nobody would see any movies, especially not Republicans. Because everyone knows all about those Hollywood libs. Nobody would see those Sean Penn movies because of his closeness with South American socialists, right? Wrong.

Look, we disagree in this country. We are actually allowed to do that, contrary to popular modern belief. Orson Scott Card has produced some great novels in the Ender’s series. They teach valuable lessons and they make for excellent reading. They have depth and excitement. I would recommend them to anyone, gay or straight.

He was recently chosen by DC to pen the new Superman novel. Unfortunately, this controversy has caused them to shelve the project. It will likely never see the light of day. That’s a shame. Changing people’s minds by boycotting can work in some cases, but it is going to deprive us of some great books in the process. Card has kept his work separate from his views. I have never read anything homophobic in his books. What he does with his private time is up to him (I wish he would take the same view). This is still America, so lets fight it out the way Americans do – with guns and the bible – with logic and compassion.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome below, just play nice.

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