I was talking to a new friend of mine, Jerry, about how down I was because my Twitter got suspended. He said that happens to writers. That it does not take much to cut us off and shut us down.

UPDATE: Here is Twitter’s new page for help with suspended accounts.

If you didn’t see my blog post the other day, Twitter suspended my account @AllenWatson23. In an effort to get more indie author followers, I had added quite a few right after I unfollowed the ones that had been around for a while and hadn’t followed me back. I did this in a relatively short period of time…like fifteen minutes. I’m sure Twitter’s blanket spam filters sniffed something and shut me down along with the health and porn Twitter handles out there. If you look at my timeline, you’ll see that I certainly don’t spam. The reason I wanted to add so many indie authors was to learn more from them. I don’t have a book out yet to spam them with anyway. I have learned more from my new Twitter friends than I could have on my own, and they are really great people!

Well, I signed back in an hour later and got the dreaded notice that my account was suspended. They don’t send you an email. You pretty much have to figure it out on your own. So, here is the play-by-play of what I did to get my Twitter back in two days.

1. Yell, scream, and have a breakdown. You’re going to do it anyway, so you might as well get it out of the way in the beginning.

2. Calm down and click the “suspended account” link that should now be on the top of your Twitter page (If you use other services to get onto Twitter, you will have to go to the actual site). Figure out why you were suspended (you probably already know why). You HAVE to know this and acknowledge it for Twitter to unsuspend your account. Click here to be led right to Twitter’s page for suspended accounts.

3. Now you have to create an account support request. You will see an appeal link that will take you to a page with information to fill out. Fill it all out correctly with the appropriate email for that account (Important). In the description, tell them you were suspended and why you think you were suspended based on their guidelines. Apologize more than once (If you get angry with them, you will probably never see your account again). Tell them that you will never do whatever you did again and that you will get rid of any third party apps that allow you to manipulate your follower counts or spam. Now – COPY AND PASTE THAT PROBLEM DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU HIT SEND. You will need that same exact info.

4. Check your email. You have half way opened a request ticket. If you do not complete the other half, they will close it before they ever see it. You will get the email soon that gives a description of what to do. Read the entire email. They give you links to their standards and rules again, but you already know the problem. Hit reply and paste the same information as before in the email. Send the email. You have now, finally, opened a ticket.

5. Be patient. In the time it took you to do all of that, a thousand other people have done the same thing. You can check the status of the help request here. Most people get their accounts back in less than a week, but sometimes it takes more than that. If it was an honest mistake and you really weren’t being malicious or spam crazy, you should be fine and get it back quickly.

6. Now, I did something that I think helped move the process along faster. Create a second Twitter account (I had an old one) using a different email address. Make sure it looks legit and not like you just made it. I already had a profile photo and information in the bio because I used that one before. I proceeded to Tweet three different Twitter sources in separate Tweets – @ginger, @delbius and @support. I send the same basic Tweet to all of them – I apologize for bothering you on here, but @AllenWatson23 was suspended for adding too many people. Please help unsuspend.

7. Less than 12 hours later, I was back up and running.

I know this won’t happen to most of you, but if it does, it can really send you into a panic. Keep calm and know that your followers will be there waiting for you when you return (unless you were really aggressively following. Then Twitter will exact revenge and send you back to almost day 1). I’ll try to answer any questions and update this as needed. Take care!



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