56 responses to “My Twitter got Suspended – How I got it restored in 2 days

  • mlnewman87

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    Helpful information for writers.

  • Ron Scubadiver

    I once had a flickr account deleted, and when it is deleted it is gone forever. They did this to a lot of people for violation of the vaguest part of their TOS “dont be the guy, you know who he is.”

  • Sonya

    I don’t have twitter BUT I liked this post just the same.

  • Abdul

    Why my twitter got suspended

  • Tuan Ho

    I also understand the feeling. When they suspend your account, it really does feel like you’ve been locked into a prison and isolated from the world. It’s a strange feeling…

    But welcome back! It’s good to have you back Allen.

  • L. Palmer

    I find following about 15-20 people per hour in one go seems to work within Twitter’s parameters. I haven’t had any problems when I changed my method. Previously, I got the “robots may have taken over your twitter” style e-mail.

  • Nur Aliyah

    Well, I know. I don’t do anything wrong. But then, my Twitter got suspended. So, weird. And now I try to get it back. Hm 😦

  • Daizy Pope

    My twitter originally got suspended for adding too many people when I first made it and I agreed not to do it again and got it back now It’s suspended again for aggressive following I guess and I’m scared I won’t get I back. It got suspended Saturday night and I emailed them a few times begging for it back and still haven’t got a reply. I want to know if I will be gettin it back or not.

  • aces atworcco

    I jumped through all the hoops and a ladie set up a method for a way to bypas the crap. They came at me with many scams prior to this. Tony bonanno 1tony bonanno 2 tony bonanno 4tony_shadoflite tony bonanno. Inshort,I now know that twit was spamming…my security does not lie..twitter can kiss my fkn ass…and it is a fact that we will eventually own twit stoopid name and all.We did buy an even bigger less politically correct forum…have started many other forums that will make twitter look dumb…as it is currently..you may say well i can see why they did….I became angry only after being fkd with at least 6times. we have many outlets that are better formats….fuckem twit means twit

  • jose saucedo

    Help me get my follower back

  • Miller

    There are a lot of premium following services out there, dunno if they’d break twitter tos?

  • davidmcgowan

    Happened to me tonight. I’m setting up a twitter author directory. Basically to compile a directory of great people for authors like you and I to follow, and all of a sudden my account was suspended. I was able to unlock it straight away by ticking a couple of boxes and typing a captcha in, but I’m a bit concerned now, as I’m guessing the problem came from me following lots of users who I think have a service to offer authors and they thought who I was following was too similar. I guess I’ll see how it goes! The account is @twaudir by the way if you want to get info on the directory! 🙂

  • Jessica

    It has been 3 days since I emailed them, when will I get the reply?

  • Harish Choudhary

    my hot suspended twice in a week will i able to get it back ?

  • Harish Choudhary

    how many day it take to get unsuspended which have been suspended twice ?

  • Harish Choudhary

    i think i got suspended for mass following for both time, will i get it back ?? and how many days it will take.

    • Allen Watson

      Like I said in previous comments, it took them 2 days to fix mine, but it can take up to a few weeks.

      • Casseyy

        Same with me. I got suspended for mass following the first time, but I was able to redeem my account right away that time. However I got suspended again last time for the same reason (I just completely forgot) and now I don’t know how long it will take to come back. I submitted my ticket and I got a reply, so now do I just wait? They aren’t gonna close my account are they? I’m scared I worked so hard to get it to where it is today 😦

    • Cornisha Allen

      The first time I got suspended it took me a day to get back on. The second time I was suspended for only 3 days. Lol

  • bombaytweeting

    First time i got mail within 12hr that my account will be unsuspended in 24 hours but this second I haven’t recieved any yet it’s 24hrs already.

  • bob

    i made a twitter 9 days ago and ive already been suspended 4 times and i dont do anything wrong i got suspended for “agressive following” and i never followed more than 40 people in one day? another time i got suspended for “tweeting a trending word without relating to the trend in order to get that word trending or higher on the trending list” and i wasnt doing… ive been suspended again for no apparent reason and it has been 2 days and i sent a ticket and responded to the email but they did not respond im so angry

    • Allen Watson

      Once you get suspended once you are kind of on their blacklist for a while. Any remotely suspicious activity or aggressive following activity will get you suspended again. Also, if you get angry with them in an email or ticket comment, you just extended the suspension. Remember, there are actual people reading those and they have no accountability. If you say one angry word they can make you miserable for weeks.

  • Harish

    How many time they suspened account before suspending parmanently ? I got suspended twice in a week for agressive following will I able to get it back ?

  • Jessica

    Then how did you got it back for the second time it has been 6 days that I got suspend

  • Jessica

    And I have sent a lot of emails, and I didn’t wrote any angry words, I only apologize, a lot

  • Angela J Shirley

    Hi Allen, thanks for the very informational article. Twitter has solved/closed 5 of my request, processing one now which will be #6. I have no idea why my account got suspended as it is a new account created 7/22/13. Do you know what is going on? It is still suspended. Thanks, Angela

    • Allen Watson

      The most common reason for new accounts getting suspended is because the user tried to add too many people at once and maybe unfollowing many of those same people.

      There seems to be limits for following and unfollowing when there is a new account. How many did you try to add at once?

  • Jessica

    Mine is still suspend it has been a week, what should I do?

  • francisco castillo

    I couldnt find @ginger , will that cause it to remain suspended?

    • Angela J Shirley

      UPDATE on my situation. I had posted on 7/22/13 that Twitter had suspended my “Shelter Dogs Family” twitter account, I also have a personal one. Well on 7/23/13 it was restored after doing several things to get it back up I think/lol. No reason or communication was received from them other than the famous “automated” response that you get when you do their online “rebuttal” to being suspended. The automated email you have to respond to or they “close” your trouble ticket. It is now 7/26/13, happy to say BOTH accounts are still active and I still have NO idea why one account was suspended. My personal one has never been suspended. Now I do not FOLLOW anyone on both accounts as I think that is what triggers the suspensions and eventually you lose that account permanently. I think also if someone does not like what you are “tweeting” they can report you to Twitter. I am so over Twitter and Facebook it is not funny, but sad to say I need it for my “Shelter Dogs Family” project. Other than that I do not deal with them. My personal Twitter is only used to tweet for my clients (I am an online Virtual Assistant) and my personal Facebook was created back when I wanted to stay in contact with my only child years ago. I deactivated it once or twice when Facebook really got on my last nerve but reactivated it last year August (2012) when I needed a Facebook community page for my “Shelter Dogs Family” project. If anyone wants to know what I did to get my Twitter account back, they can post here. Allen’s advice was AWESOME but I also did some research of my own and would be happy to share here. Thank you Allen for writing this material when I was about ready to bomb Twitter’s main office. lol, now I am just joking, but was so FRUSTRATED over my suspension and not being able to TALK to a “real” person. I even found a number for Twitter and the recorded message had the NERVE to say they do not take these kind of issues over the phone. Come on Twitter, sounds like you are fast becoming like Facebook who now CHARGES for everything and forget about those of us who are using the FREE version. Sad indeed. It may take boycotting places like Walmart, Facebook, Twitter and Greyhound to get back our “customer service”… Talk later everyone 🙂

      • Allen Watson

        I’m happy you got some help from my post and thanks for coming back for the check in. This post was certainly out of my norm, as I usually write for, well, writers. Thanks again!

      • ENYGMAH

        Hello. My twitter is @Enygmah_ AM ALSO SUSPENDED FOR MY




      • ENYGMAH

        Sorry i started messin up that message.. dint mean for caps or typos… Oops

  • Kimberly

    I just took the steps and it so far has not worked

  • HG

    I was able to get mine unsuspended in less than hour. This is truth. Don’t pain. Mine was unsuspended in less than 30 mins.

    I read this post. Made a professional #helpdesk corp ticket with their company (twitter).

    I claimed and verified my account and who I was claiming an representing to be , owner of account.

    Mine I thought was due to some manner of “automated following bots” as mentioned in the first reply you receive from twitter support.

    So I stated in my opening ticked the link from twitter that alerted me of the suspension mention some type of automated following [ ; ) ] , & I cleared mobile cookies & such. Never been hacked & what not.

    The man emailed me back from the support reply MReyes and said he re-activated my account & it was due to “mentioning” users in tweet too much

    (Which could happen from automated follow bots , [ ; ) ] , … Spam or hacks)***

  • qsharon2

    I just want to get out of it I have only 3 messages and they suspended me and I know I did not do anything wrong. Just trying to learn how to use it now I just want out and they will not let me delete or cancel anything out. I have been very sick and my time is short and I do not need this kind of problem this creates my of a downer than an upper.

  • @michaelcortex

    I Don’t Know What I Did All I Was Told Was My Account Has Been Suspended All I Want Is To Have It So I Can Tweet Cause It’s Actually Been A While tho Thanks I Want It Done Now As Fast As Possible

  • @michaelcortex

    I Want My Account Unsuspended Now

  • Peter Lipentine

    Hi yep had my account suspended as well and after many emails was able to fix

  • Imani

    Hello! I have followed your rules. This is my second time being suspended. I told them this: “Hello, I have been suspended on my account @imaniOHmami. Now that I think about it, I believe I have been suspended for unfollowing too many people. I apologize for this, and will be sure to not unfollow a bunch of people again. Please, unsuspend my account. I would highly appreciate it!”

    Said this in my ticket and in the e-mail. Should I e-mail them this CONTINUOUSLY? Do you think they will pass my e-mail up?

    My first time, it took about 3 days. Hopefully this works!!! I’ll keep ya updated 🙂 thanks!!!

  • Casseyy

    I got suspended about 3 weeks ago for mass following, which I didn’t know was against the rules then. I was able to redeem my account again within like 5 minutes of suspention. HOWEVER I got suspended again last night for the same reason (mass following) which I forgot was against the rules. I filed a ticket, politely apologizing and asking them to please redeem my account. How long does this process usually take? I have 4k followers that I really, really don’t want to lose. I am trying not to panic but I am worried. Please let me know if anyone has had similar experiences and what you did to resolve them. Thanks!

  • clayton

    My twitter got suspended 5 days ago on my birthday. Still waiting.

  • sameer shah

    I tweeted to @twitter @ginger and @delbius it will work or not ??? They will see my tweet or not?? How much time will they take to unsuspend my account??? And I also sent them appeal to unsuspend with ticket😢😢😢

  • Nicholle

    I clicked the link that leads to the page where i will make an appeal of why i think my Twitter is locked but then the problem is with the form itself because I cant fill it up for some reason? Tried it on someone else’s phone, it still didn’t work. Please help ;-;

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