If You’re Truly A Writer

Then write.


Write because you have to,

And write because you want to.


Write because somebody told you you couldn’t,

And write because somebody told you to go for it.


Write because your heart it broken,

And write because it’s starting to heal.


Write because you love your life,

And write because your life exists.


Write because of the bumps in the road,

And write to soften their blow.


Write because you lost your temper,

And write because we have, too.


Write because you’re an accomplished individual,

And write because you’ve got more to give.


Write because a relative died,

And write because they would want you to.


Write because your child was born,

And write because they’ll need your sanity.


Write because you can’t express your emotions,

And write because your emotions can’t handle anymore.


Write because you’re hungry,

And write because the hungry need you.


Write because you’ve tasted your tears,

And write because those tears are temporary.


Write because you’re rich,

And write because your wealth doesn’t define you.


Write because you’re fighting with your best friend,

And write so you don’t say something you’ll regret.


Write because you’ve hit the bottom,

And write to build the steps back up.


Write because you have a story,

And damnit, write because your story matters.


Writers lead different lives than the rest. Their words often come out better when they aren’t spoken, and that’s okay. Writers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. Every writer has a different reason for writing. They all have different inspirations. Their reason for writing doesn’t matter, and their reason might change. What’s important is that they keep writing no matter what the situation or challenge.


7 thoughts on “If You’re Truly A Writer

  1. What a wonderful piece. I recently just said several of these sentences to myself this past week. I chose to begin again. There is something great about starting over to refresh your mind. I’ve begun to blog and just putting random words on a page felt amazing.

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  4. Great post…we write because it’s who we are…who we have to be…like you, words have always been a huge part of my life…and now it’s time to share those words with others…get them out of our minds and onto the page (or monitor, as the case may be).

  5. This is beautiful. I’ve just started to share my writing with the world. To me, writing is a conversation. It just may be a conversation I’m having with the world or with myself, but they are of the utmost importance. Thanks for this!

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