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Writer, Humanitarian, Optimist

About Me



I’m here to get to know you. Well, and to let you get to know me. I have done many things in my life, but now I consider myself a creator. I have some great stories that I want to tell, but I’ve never had the time to tell them. Now I do. Hopefully these stories will make good books. Whether they do or not is up to whoever reads them.

I live in South Carolina along our beautiful coastline. I grew up here, went to college here, and now I’m discovering its true beauty. I am also finally discovering myself.

I have a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in teaching. Throughout life so far I’ve been involved in EMS, law enforcement, and education. I seem to keep trying new things and then moving on. A perpetual wanderer I guess.

This blog will consist of a variety of things. I will often write about, well, writing. I’ll also be discussing politics and other topics that interest me. I hope you stick around!

P.S. I am a complete lover of Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, DC and Marvel, and anything else nerdy you can think of.


15 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Just copy the questions down and make a post similar to mine with a link to my blog, and then nominate up to five authors you know. 🙂

  1. Hi Allen, It’s great to meet you. Wishing you lots of inspiration and success with your writing adventure 🙂 And thank you for following my blog. I hope it offers some helpful info.

  2. Thanks for the follow. You had me at “rescue bunny”–my Bunlopp passed a few years ago, but she was one of the best pets I’ve ever had. She magically appeared whenever she heard the refrigerator door, followed me around like a puppy, and was the reason my daughters needed new headphones every week (soft wires are the best if you’re a rabbit, I guess). Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    1. Yes, I run through wire particularly fast. Especially my iPhone charger! He is lucky because he gets free roam of the backyard during the day. If he gets tired or hot/cold, he just comes back inside.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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